Monday, October 7, 2013

Found: The Last Sheep!

It is with great joy to announce the finding of our last known sheep in our cohort of 44.

Welcome back to the Mattar PS fold, Mui Ngoh, pictured here with her daughter.

Thanks to Nancy's contact.

Apparently Mui Ngoh left school at P3 to stay home to look after a baby brother whilst her parents were busy eking out a living. She wasn't doing well in school then and had no interest.

This could be the reason why none of us seemed close to her nor remember much about her. As class monitor, I remember her being absent from school often. But I do remember her curly - somewhat red - hair and freckled face. She had a rather raspy voice too. And she was mostly cheerful in school and liked to play Catching, etc.

Well, we hope to catch up with her soon.

Back then, quite a few of our classmates did not come from well-to-do families. One had no money for exercise books, another had to share shoes with his brother, yet another took part in Pesta Sukan just so to win prize money to buy shoes for her siblings. A few did not always have pocket money and depended on the kindness of one classmate whose father sold mee rebus at the nearby hawker centre. He would often give the boys (friends of his son, Subari) 10/20 cents as tidbit money!

Before locating Mui Ngoh, one place we looked at was a flat in Bendemeer. But no luck that night as the house occupants were out.

Siew Hong knocking.

Checking with a neighbour.

No one can complain we didn't do the leg work to try and find all our classmates! :-D