Monday, February 24, 2014

Meeting Hup Boon

Finally meeting up with Hup Boon on the 19th Feb. He has moved back to Balam Road (previously at Blk 57 Circuit Road when he was in MPS). Previously our FBI team had gone there to look for him but he was not at home.

We were at Balam Rd for Ee Ming mom's wake. RIP, Mdm Diong Choo Suan. I can see you have done a great job with yr son Ee Ming. He's an outstanding fella.:-)

Oh, btw, Hup Boon has had a very colorful life. But one must salute him for his courage and great sense of filial piety. Today he is in office design and plays an active role in Chinese 7th Month activities (head of Circuit Road branch).