Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gathering at The Straits Wine Company

7th August 2013 (7pm):

This was a rather more straightforward gathering but not without some haggeration beforehand. Folks were deciding whether to meet on the 3rd or 7th as not all could make it on the same day. And Angela's schedule in Singapore was busy too.

In the end, I am glad she was able to make it on both days... and my, she was the same: voice, looks, hair fringe (haha).

This occasion at the wine company was more of a drinkers' get-together as Angela had indicated a preference for light spirits. Yesterday was the first day of the Chinese Ghost Month, so in a way, it was appropriate for the 'jiu gui' (wine devils) amongst us to meet and drink!

Please enjoy the photos. It was a pity the winery had to close at 11pm (not a public holiday so not closing at 12 midnight as would be the norm); otherwise, the night would have gone on much longer. Perhaps better as Lin Hiong was driving.

Link to video 1:
Link to video 2:

Again, grainy video due to brightening up by Youtube. The original video was quite dark due to the place. (But thankfully the camera had stereo audio recording. :-)

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